Designer: David Neville Model: Glenna Neece (Marcus Wainwright's wife / 妻) Designer : Marcus Wainwright and his wife  Writer: Glenn O'Brien (blue shirts and the portrait on the front. Model: Camille Rowe

Round-up : rag & bone 2015 SS Mens Collection /photo Exhibition-ish showcase.

I really enjoyed  The  style of Presentation this season was more simple but more sophisticated with a twisted presentation ever.

Using the huge gallery space luxuriously made us feel more calmly,  slow and steady views and atmosphere. I was able to see their work  like directly “ Appreciate ”as Art/Portrait

As the gallery with large space and white wall showed up more detailed clothing and figure which was most authentic part of rag & bone. Other part of collection such as military, Worker and Sporty were also more attractive and essentials as key piece, both keep good balance between standards and trends.

We also could feel and take a look detail,material and structure  each sample  from the ceiling  more than runway/ traditional presentation.
I could see traditional mixed new fabric such as Shinny paper cotton, waterproof linen and wax cotton..Lining also interesting!

The way to installation and display idea also made the presentation exclusive and stylish such as :  Each poster-like portrait was by big metal-clipped on the wall, the hangers which were  hang with a wire.
They are simple but also cool with good taste.

They were featuring people and models who are stylish and distinct including staffs and friends of rag & bone team on the photograph.
 It seemed more individual personality were stand out, would rather unique touch and more natural than typical directed look book.
I thought it made a view of the world of rag & bone more clearly.

They were also featuring some female models such as Camille Rowe, Glenna Neece and Gucci of make up artist and we could find a hint of how to integrate menswear to woman’s outfit and get an inspiration source from unisex items.
 I realized Most of looks must be wearable for woman and  I am inspired and learned how to wear the effortless  silhouette.we might want to wear even woman from this collection,will be possibly featured further project on women’s fashion magazines.


Rich and well-prepared dish Party Starts !! Illan handed it out  Kind of signature one dance our ass off as pleased  at the after party down stairs.!

RECAP: The Gorbals opening party :

At long last, The Gorbals was officially opened last week.  best-known as top-chef winner Ilan and his team invited us to their world. we were amazed his performance from open- kitchen counter and  All dishes were perfect presentation and well-prepared. I was really  inspired by  their craft and creativity. Especially Ilan handed  “Banh Mi Poutine”  out to me… I really would love to say thank to him, it  was exactly my taste , my Favorite one !!!
 It was best opening party for a restaurant  this year so far.  Every guests were enjoy food, drinks , atmosphere and feast away till late night .

ブルックリンに新しくオープンしたアーバンのライフスタイルストアSpace ninty 8 のなかにある レストラン The Gorbalsが ついにオフィシャルにオープン。そのオープニングパーティーに行ってきました。オープンキッチンからは、テレビ番組、「トップシェフ」の優勝者でもある、ヘッドシェフ イランさんのパフォーマンスも見れて、感激。一品、一品手が込んでて、手抜き一切なしのプレゼンテーションと思いがけない素材の組み合わせなど、どれも斬新で新鮮。ほんのりエイジアンフレイバーだったり、コッシャーだったり、アメリカンだけど、日本人の口にもあうかんじ。大満足。アーバンでお買い物したあとに立ち寄って、しめは屋上のバーもおすすめです。

98 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY